Is smoking kosher?

The Rabbis are not silent about smoking. See 
Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (Igrot Moshe - Even 
Ha'ezer IV, 76; and Rabbi E. Waldenberg 
(Tzitz Eliezer IX, 33 and XV, 39).  They 
came out strongly against smoking, being 
that it is so dangerous to the health.  

Unfortunately, smoking is so addictive, that 
for some it is difficult to stop.  All 
smokers should put in maximum effort in 
kicking the habit.  

Non-smokers are clearly forbidden to start 
smoking, because of "Ushmartem Es
Nafshotaichem" - the Torah commandment to 
guard one's health (Deut. 4:15).

With blessings from Jerusalem,

Shraga Simmons
The Aish Rabbi


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